Formosa Chemical and Fiber Corp. Hsinkang PABS Plant

UMC Headquarters 8A/8B and 8C/8D Plants

Object tracker is used to ensure worker safety: Lone workers wear on their hard hats sensor tags with accelerometers. Such a tag enables the system to monitor minute motions of its wearer. The system calls specified person(s) to take appropriate actions when it detects the absence of motion of any wearer. The object tracker is also used to monitor contractors, making sure that they are at their work places at all times except during rest and meal breaks.
BiDaE Object Tracker is used by UMC in its headquarter building and 8A/8B and 8C/8D plants to monitor and track deliverers. Each type of deliverers has a delivery route and a time limit for staying in the buildings. The system is to issue an alarm whenever any deliverer is found to deviate from the route or overstay the time limit of the deliverer type.