About BiDaE Technology

BiDaE Technology builds a real-time indoor object location and tracking system and a mobile accessible navigation app. The underlying indoor positioning platform can provide via API indoor positioning data and services to third party applications and services.


Our customers and collaborators include hospitals, elderly homes and rehabitation centers, as well as diverse manufacturers.


We provide our customers with timely and accurate location data and support tools to help them follow their own practices in care delivery and asset management, achieve high product and service quality and ensure the safety of their customers and employees.


We aspire to become in year 2030 and beyond a leading supplier, providing hundreds of customers with real-time indoor location-based applications, services and infrastructure that evolve with technology continuously to meet customers’ needs.

Company Profile

BiDaE Technology was founded in 2020. Its senior team and co-founders have worked together for years on research and development of highly dependable, scalable and resilient indoor positioning technologies, applications and services. Within BiDaE, they have transformed their results from publications and patents into much needed products. For this, BiDaE won in 2020 Smart Taipei Outstanding Innovation Award.

They now have an excellent indoor positioning platform: BiDaE indoor Positioning System is designed to be easy to configure, deploy, scale up and maintain. This patented platform can support indoor positioning, navigation, and object location and tracking applications. Being an open platform, it not only can serve as an infrastructure for all of BiDaE’s own indoor services and applications. It can also provide indoor positioning support to applications and services independently developed by others.

BiDaE Technology’s products now include the BiDaE Positioning System Platform, BiDaE Object tracker and Seeing-I-Go application. They have been successfully introduced into hospitals, long-term care institutions, and industrial enterprises. Feedback from users show that they can meet diverse customers’ diverse needs.

Management team and co-founders

Jane W. S. Liu

Chair of the Board

Jane Liu works with BiDaE’s senior team in pursue of the company’s vision and shaping its business strategies. She also contributes to product design, bringing to the table insight and know-how she acquired from years of research on technologies for building user-centric automation and assistive devices and applications and safety critical systems.

K. Y. (Koa-Yang) Chou

Chief Executive Officer

K.Y. Chou has more than 50 years of experience in the industry. Leveraging his business connections, K.Y. has built for BiDaE increasingly larger customer and supplier bases while fostering a positive company culture. He is the winner of the Taiwan Enterprise Managers Association, 6th National Outstanding Manager Award.

Chun-Yu (Jimmy) Lai

Chief Technology Officer

Jimmy Lia has extensive experience in design, development, launch and maintenance of software products on diverse platforms. Since BiDaE’s launch, Jimmy has built a strong development team. They are ready to provide an increasingly wider range of end-to-end solutions needed by diverse customers.

Edward T.-S Chu


Edward Chu is a professor of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National YunTech. He is an expert in IoT, embedded systems and data science. He successfully led several inter-academic and industry-university programs, including the  program with BiDaE Technology which helped partner clients win national innovation and medical-care quality awards.

Chi-Sheng (Daniel) Shih


Daniel Shih is a professor of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Taiwan University and the director of the Institute of Network and Multimedia Research. His expertise is in several areas related technologies of importance to BiDaE. As a co-founder, he continues to provide the company with advises and guidance.