Indoor Object Tracker

BiDaE Object Tracker is designed to locate and track people, devices and other items of interest. It can be configured to work in any indoor space, big and small, ranging from corporate offices and factories, hospitals and long-term care facilities, transport hubs and shopping malls to individual homes and residential buildings.

  • 3-5 meter and room level location accuracy

Oftentimes, you want the system to bring you to within sight of sought-after objects. This objective can be met by configuring the system to achieve 3-5 meter location accuracy. Sometimes, you only want to know whether the sought-after object is in a specified room or rooms, or in the space occupied by a department, or on a specific floor, or in the building. In that case, you can have the system configured to provide room-level (5-10 meter) or zoom level, and even floor level accuracy at a lower cost.

  • Web-based interface and scalable response

BiDaE Object Tracker's user interface is web-based. You can use browsers on your computer, tablet and smart phone to log in to the system without additional software installation. Structured as a fog of Internet of Things, the underlying indoor positioning system enables the object tracker to locate thousands of objects in real-time in response to thousands of concurrent searches with no noticeable deterioration in location accuracy and response time.

  • Basic software functions and alert notification mechanism

The basic positioning software functions of the system include real-time object location and tracking, historical track queries and deliveries of geo-fence and emergency alerts.. The notification mechanism can support various delivery methods including alert light, alarm music, SMS notification, email notification, CCTV and so on. Also included are software tools using which individual departments can define and specify data and function access control policies and settings to meet the security and privacy requirements of your organization.

  • Operation support and management features

The system provides many advanced functions for premium purchases. The functions include generation of shift change records, equipment repair reports, patient notes records, equipment and people cross-border control, location and movement monitors, and contact traces, together with all management functions required for customizing and maintaining these functions.

Indoor Navigation

Seeing-I-Go App is a Bluetooth navigation app on smart phones. It can guide you within large buildings and outdoor spaces around buildings. In particular, it works in buildings without Google indoor maps.

The advantages of Seeing-I-Go App are:

1. Presents turn-by-turn directions in terms of simple spoken and visual instructions.

2. Uses routes for you according to your preferences.

3. Works with simple maps containing data on locations of destinations and pathways traversable by persons on foot and wheelchairs connecting the destinations.

4. Can warn you of obstacles ahead along your path.

5. Can use accessibility features of your smart phone as you wish.

In short, Seeing-I-Go App is the most user friendly indoor navigation smart phone app on the market.

Technical Uniqueness

Platform supports both object tracking and indoor navigation

A single locator is required for room-level accuracy
AC or PoE powered locators are free of battery replacement hassles

System can be flexibly deployed according to user demands

Location accuracy not affected by crowds

Single point locator failures do not affect other areas

Locators can be remotely managed, monitored and upgraded

Support various alarm methods

Open API interface makes it easy to expand application scenarios

About Us

BiDaE Technology was established in 2020. By then, we, BiDaE's senior team and co-founders, have worked together for years on research and development of highly dependable, scalable and resilient indoor positioning technologies, applications and services. Within BiDaE, we have transformed our results from publications and patents into ready for market, much needed products with the goal of becoming the leading brand of indoor positioning systems and applications.

We now have an excellent indoor positioning platform: BiDaE Positioning System is designed to be easy to configure, deploy, scale up and maintain. This patented positioning platform can support indoor positioning, indoor navigation, and indoor object location and tracking applications. Being an open platform, it not only can serve as an infrastructure for all of our own indoor services and applications. It can also provide indoor positioning support to applications and services independently developed by others.

BiDaE Technology's products now include the BiDaE Positioning System Platform, BiDaE Object tracker and Seeing-I-Go application. They have been successfully introduced into hospitals, long-term care institutions, and industrial organizations. Feedback from users indeed show that they can meet diverse customers' diverse needs.


Liu, Jane Win-Shih
Dr. Jane W.S. Liu
Founder & Chairman

Jane Liu received her Sc.D. degree from MIT. She was a professor of Computer Science at the UIUC and a software architect at Microsoft Corporation. She joined Academia Sinica in 2004 as a chair research fellow. A major thrust of her recent research has been on technologies for building intelligent devices and applications that can take actions in location-, environment- and situation-aware ways to keep people out of harm’s way during disasters. She is a fellow of IEEE.

Koa-Yang Chou
K.Y. Chou
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

K. Y. Chou was the senior vice president of General Instrument Corporation (GIC) and the general manager of Taiwan General Instrument Corporation. He has more than 50 years of experience in the industry. He is the winner of the Republic of China Enterprise Managers Association, 6th National Outstanding Manager Award.

Chun-Yu Lai
Jimmy Lai
Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Jimmy Lai received the master degree from Department of Computer Science of National Tsing-Hua University. As a technical manager at Trend Micro, he led the development of several major products and participated in the design, development, launch and maintenance of Trend Micro's first cloud solution. His expertise includes development and maintenance of software products on diverse platforms, including Windows, Linux and embedded systems.

Daniel Chi-Sheng Shih
Dr. Chi-Sheng Shih

Daniel Shih received his Ph.D. degree from Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is now a professor of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Taiwan University and the director of the Institute of Network and Multimedia Research. His areas of specialization includes real-time scheduling, demand allocation and decision-making, resource allocation, virtual reality integration system, streaming and system integration.

Tsung-Hsien Chu
Dr. Edward T.-H Chu

Edward Chu received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from National Tsing-Hua University. He is now an associate professor of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Yunlin University of Science and Technology. His research areas include Internet of Things (IoT), embedded systems and data science. He successfully led several inter-academic programs.. In particular, the industry-university cooperation program with BiDaE Technology has helped partner clients to win national innovation and national medical quality awards.


2020 Smart Taipei Innovation Award

Awards won by our partner customers with our assistance

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