Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center


BLE Beacon IoT Project

(Part of Accessible Traveler Mobile App Pilot Project)


Access Services, Los Angeles, CA, USAIT Curves, Gaithersburg, MD, USA

Test site:

Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, Los Angeles, CA, with 19 destinations in outpatient area and 2 shuttle stops outdoors

Products evaluated:

BPS, Seeing-I-Go and the precision docking extension of Seeing-I-Go designed to help each vision-impaired user identify user’s pickup shuttle and locate the shuttle door.

Lessons learned:
  • Usability of BPS and Seeing-I-Go are are good when used to guide riders between shuttle stops and indoor destinations.
  • Usability of Seeing-I-Go in accessibiltiy mode is good: It can serve vision impaired riders well.
  • Precision docking extension of Seeing-I-Go works.
Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center
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Capstone Project

A 2020-2022 joint project of Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology Joint Research Center for AI Technology, National Taiwan University Hospital Emergency Department and ASUS Life
BiDaE Positioning System (BPS) is deployed to provide real-time indoor location services.  It covers 2,500 square meters of the Emergency Department and areas where mobile beds can be and uses 180 Lbeacons to achieve 3-5 meter or 5-10 m location accuracy. It is designed to respond within 2 seconds to tens of concurrent searches of hundreds of devices, equipment and people.

國立臺灣大學醫學院附設醫院 – 雲林分院斗六院區​​_en

National Taiwan University Hospital

Douliou Campus, Yunlin Branch, Yunlin

  • BPS is deployed to support navigation in outpatient area and object tracking with floor-level accuracy throughout the campus except for 6 wards. Within those wards, it provides room-level accuracy.
  • Seeing-I-Go is available to guide outpatients to the doctors’ offices and labs on their appointment lists.
  • Object tracker enables staffs of the 6 wards to locate devices with room-level accuracy. It also provides them with all operation support functions, including generation of shift change records and object traces.
  • Object tracker is used to track the movements of devices and delivery persons within the campus.

國立臺灣大學醫學院附設醫院​ – 總院/新竹分院_en

National Taiwan University Hospital

Main Branch, Taipei

  • Object tracker can locate in real-time hundreds of objects with 3-5 or 5-10 meter accuracy within the entire Emergency Department and hallways where mobile beds can be.
  • BiDaE indoor positioning system supports via its API 3rd party patient/caretaker monitoring and bed management apps.

Zhudong Campus, Hsinchu

  • Object tracker covers outpatient area with zone-level accuracy. It provides floor-level accuracy throughout remaining parts of the hospital.
  • Its primary function is to locate and track people to facilitate contact tracing and infection control.


Cathay General Hospital, Taipei

Yunlin Veterans Home

Cathay General Hospital, Taipei

BiDaE object tracker is deployed to provide search and locate capability needed for fully intelligent mobile medical devices and bed management. It is configured to achieve zone and floor level location accuracy.

Yunlin Veterans Home

  • Object tracker provides geofences and location monitors to enforce confinement of visitors to visiting areas and residents with infections to isolation areas.
  • The system enables the staff to monitor vital signs of residents remotely and generate hourly rounding schedule adherence reports, etc.
  • The home won National Medical Care Quality Award in 2021


Formosa Chemical and Fiber Corp. Hsinkang PABS Plant

UMC Headquarters 8A/8B and 8C/8D Plants

Formosa Chemical and Fiber Corp. Hsinkang PABS Plant

Object tracker is used to ensure worker safety: Lone workers wear on their hard hats sensor tags with accelerometers. Such a tag enables the system to monitor minute motions of its wearer. The system calls specified person(s) to take appropriate actions when it detects the absence of motion of any wearer. The object tracker is also used to monitor contractors, making sure that they are at their work places at all times except during rest and meal breaks.

UMC Headquarters 8A/8B and 8C/8D Plants

BiDaE Object Tracker is used by UMC in its headquarter building and 8A/8B and 8C/8D plants to monitor and track deliverers. Each type of deliverers has a delivery route and a time limit for staying in the buildings. The system is to issue an alarm whenever any deliverer is found to deviate from the route or overstay the time limit of the deliverer type.